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DHL, Oakdale Industrial Estate, Sydney, Australia.


The partnership currently holds assets with a total investment value of $830 million.



It makes sense for a property developer with the expertise to build infrastructure and a building products supplier with plenty of spare land to embark on a joint venture. That’s exactly what Goodman and Brickworks did in 2003.

The partnership is currently committed to 107 hectares of prime industrial land at Eastern Creek in New South Wales (NSW) and Rochedale in Queensland (QLD). For Goodman the result is efficient access to well-located land suitable for industrial development, with the benefit of not having to buy the land up front. For Brickworks, it’s the promise of generating income from surplus land.

Land is provided on a draw down basis as required. This also means we at Goodman are able to secure new customers, and provide flexibility for existing ones, due to the agreement’s ability to accommodate growth.

A Voluntary Planning Agreement with the NSW State Government has also been entered into by Goodman to enhance the associated infrastructure by constructing a $23 million regional road upgrade at Oakdale Industrial Estate.


Developments at five industrial estates have already been completed across NSW and QLD.

Lindsay Partridge, Managing Director, Brickworks, says, “In Goodman we have a professional and complementary partner who has unrivalled industry expertise and market knowledge. The partnership currently holds assets with a total investment value of $830 million.”

At Oakdale Industrial Estate, two facilities are being developed on behalf of global logistics services provider, DHL Supply Chain. On completion, the business will occupy a total of 146,715 sqm across six facilities within the Estate.

At Rochedale Motorway Estate we have a pre-committed development underway for a 13,000 sqm distribution centre on behalf of ceramic tile and bathroomware distributor, Beaumont Tiles. The customer chose the 24 hectare estate, which was acquired through the joint venture with Brickworks, due to its proximity to the Port of Brisbane and resulting transport efficiencies for their retail distribution network.

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