Metro Performance Glass, Highbrook Business Park, Auckland, New Zealand


Goodman has delivered an award winning facility for us at Highbrook.



In the land of the long white cloud, a glass manufacturer has taken up residence in an award-winning facility purpose-built by Goodman, bringing its four buildings and plants together into one large facility, using its own products throughout.

The business, Metro Performance Glass (Metroglass), recently relocated to Highbrook Business Park on the Waiouru Peninsula in East Tamaki.

The new 16,700 sqm head office, manufacturing and distribution facility received the excellence award for industrial buildings at the Property Council of New Zealand Awards in June this year.

The best in category award acknowledges the scale and success of the development, assessing its merits across a broad range of criteria. It’s another award for the estate where the emphasis has always been on quality and consistency of design.

Goodman’s design includes a flexible layout to accommodate the manufacturer’s new plant machinery and uses efficient planning on the long narrow site to allow for future opportunity and expansion.

The factory layout is optimised for the glass production process but it can be easily reconfigured into two separate high stud warehouses, future proofing the building.

The open plan office is orientated to the vehicle approach from Highbrook Drive while maximising the water views for Metroglass’ customers and staff. The office has a series of passive solar and energy saving features, including:

  • high efficiency LED lighting to supplement the large amount of daylight available through roof lights;
  • passive roof ventilators for maintaining air quality without energy use;
  • thermal mass and stability from exposed precast concrete walls; and
  • rainwater harvesting using four 30,000 litre rainwater tanks for considerable savings in potable water demand.


The glass production process is designed to occur linearly, with inwards loading from the southern yard, production process through the length of factory, and dispatch at the northern yard. Vertical clear cladding is utilised to maximise daylight levels for safety and visual comfort while reducing operational energy use.

The entrances to the site, factory and office are easily identifiable from the street. The office entry faces the road with a glazed double height atrium stair and red glazed wind lobby made using Metroglass’ own glass products.

“The development team has delivered a design-build property solution that maximises the production and distribution efficiency of Metro Performance Glass, New Zealand’s largest glass processor.” said John Dakin, Chief Executive Officer Goodman New Zealand.

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