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Goodman’s vision to become a global leader in logistics real estate is underpinned by a focused strategy delivering consistent and sustainable growth, and ensuring quality is at the forefront of all investment decisions. Our commitment to sustainability encompasses all areas of Goodman’s business, including how we develop and manage our assets, engage with our stakeholders, and create an employee culture committed to Goodman’s business model.

Goodman’s Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (CR&S) strategy remains closely aligned with its primary operating activities globally across our property investment, development, management and managed partnership activities. Quality and consistency were key themes for Goodman’s CR&S programme over the past year, with particular focus on our development activities across each region. Sustainability highlights for FY2015 include:

  • all of Goodman’s 71 completed developments included a range of sustainable design initiatives;
  • certified green developments completed in Japan, Continental Europe, the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK);
  • five of six responding Goodman entities achieved GreenStar status in the 2015 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey;
  • Goodman Japan Core Fund was awarded Regional Sector Leader for private industrial funds in Asia in the 2015 GRESB survey;
  • roll-out of the Buildings Alive energy monitoring system across the Australian office portfolio, contributing over $800,000 in energy savings;
  • 5.5 Star NABERS Energy rating for Goodman’s Sydney head office;
  • LEED certification for Goodman’s refurbished Beijing and Chengdu corporate offices; and
  • Planet Mark certification for Goodman’s UK Logistics corporate office.

Lytton Motorway Estate, Brisbane, Australia.


Goodman’s commitment to quality is reflected in our focused customer service offering and the high standard of industrial product we deliver. The sustainability priorities of our customers continue to evolve and form part of our commitment to building quality and performance.

The sustainable design of our developments significantly influences the environmental performance of Goodman’s assets. Efficiency, functionality and location are key drivers for our customers, but considerations such as flexibility, comfort and customer productivity are also beginning to influence the design of logistics facilities.

Our approach to sustainability supports our ability to maintain a competitive market edge through product quality, strengthens our customer relationships and helps to position Goodman as an employer of choice. Our approach also reduces investment risk for our investors through our effective management of environmental, social and governance issues.


Goodman’s approach to sustainability encompasses the priorities of our main stakeholders. Regular engagement with these stakeholders ensures that our approach remains relevant and consistent across our regions, and continues to meet stakeholder expectations.

We engage through a range of channels and processes depending on the stakeholder, but typical channels include investor updates and committee meetings, property tours for investors and analysts, property management activities and customer meetings, industry forums and events, and through the Goodman website.


Goodman communicates extensively with its investors. This is undertaken regularly and through various means including annual reports, half year results, quarterly updates, email alerts, investor newsletters, general communications and ASX announcements. Goodman’s website includes extensive information in the “Investor centre” section of its website, including ASX announcements and media releases, reports and newsletters, financial information and presentations, and upcoming events.

Annually, Goodman holds an investor strategy day, where investors have the opportunity to hear market update presentations on all of Goodman’s regional operations, while Securityholders are invited to attend Goodman Group’s Annual General Meetings either in person or by proxy.


The customer is at the core of Goodman’s own, develop and manage business model, and drives our focus on delivering superior service and maintaining our high customer retention rates. At a global level, our approach is to build strong relationships to understand their unique business and real estate needs. At the local level, our property management teams meet regularly with our customers to discuss a range of matters relating to their current leased space and future real estate requirements.


Managing our environmental compliance obligations across the Group remains a high priority for Goodman. This extends not only to our regulatory obligations in relation to contamination, pollution and remediation, but also meeting our commitments to environmental stewardship and enhancing the local amenity of our assets.


Goodman’s risk and compliance team is responsible for ensuring current and emerging laws and regulations are managed appropriately. In doing so, regular formal and informal communications are undertaken with regulators, and also through industry associations and councils of which Goodman is a member.


Our primary vehicle for engaging with our communities is the Goodman Foundation, which supports charitable organisations that help those in need throughout our communities. The Goodman Foundation provides two programmes for Goodman’s employees, being good+deeds and good+heart, both of which provide employees with opportunities to directly participate and support any of its partner organisations.

Our People

Goodman engages constantly with its employees through a variety of channels, including:

  • Regular staff presentations on business performance and results;
  • Weekly “What’s on” staff emails and good+times newsletters;
  • Development programmes, such as the good+futures and big+idea programmes;
  • Staff surveys, including IT systems and our ‘Space to Work’ working platform; and
  • Goodman’s performance management system.


The Group's current CR&S programme is structured to improve the way Goodman conducts its business and is closely aligned with its primary operating activities. Our CR&S strategy currently comprises six programme areas which we believe encompass our material sustainability priorities:

  1. Sustainable development – striving to improve the sustainability of our developments, through innovation and working with customers to incorporate design initiatives;
  2. Asset management – managing and investing in our assets to improve efficiency, long-term competitiveness and resilience;
  3. Corporate performance – measuring our impact and aiming to improve our overall performance;
  4. Regulatory compliance – managing our regulatory obligations;
  5. Engagement and reporting – communicating and engaging with our stakeholders regularly; and
  6. People and community – inspiring and challenging our people, and supporting various community-based groups through the Goodman Foundation.